About Mehr Pouyan Khoshtam

In The Name of God

Mehr Pouyan Khoshtam Company is a private joint-stock company established on July 30, 2011, and was registered in Siru Industrial Park, Kahak, Kashan Old Road, Qom, Iran. It produces frumenty and cornstarch puff snacks in Qom, the seventh-largest city in Iran. As it expanded its product line, it started manufacturing beverages like fruit juices, herbal-based drinks, and nectars packaged in tetra-packs, doy-packs, and easy-to-open cans. The manufacturing technology and machines used in producing snack foods and beverages are based on modern European systems to ensure that products are of high quality and standards.

Mehr Pouyan Khoshtam Company established a Subsidiary Company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada under the management of Ms. Fereshteh Taghavi.

The Mission of the Company 

Providing high-quality and affordable snack food and beverages that bring joy and satisfaction to consumers.