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Niki Mehr Production Companies started its activity in food industries in 1999 by producing frumenty and cornstarch puffs (snack) under Merrikhi brand which was welcomed by the users due to its top quality. The acceptance of the users impelled the company’s directors to produce other products with the best quality; the objective was fulfilled by the hard work of specialized and adept work force as well as application of the most modern European systems and machineries.

The products of Niki Mehr which are produced under Merrikhi, Roohafza and kipo, Badban brands include:

  • Frumenty and cornstarch puffs (snack) in different weights and tastes by using edible color offered under Merrikhi and Badban brands.
  • Types of beverages and juice in various packaging,
  • Types of totally natural beverages based on herbal essences in Tetapak packaging (under Roohafza brand),

3-1 Types of totally natural beverages based on herbal essences in Doy-pack packaging (under Roohafza brand),

3-2 Various types of nectar in Tetrapak packaging under Merrikhi 200cc , Merrikhi1000cc , Kipo200 cc  brand),

3-3 Types of fruit beverages with fruit pulps in easy-to-open cans (under Merrikhi brand),

3-4 Types of gas-free fruit beverages in Doy-pack packaging (under Merrikhi and Badban brands),

The Quality Control Unit of Niki Mehr has one of the most equipped laboratories in grains and beverages. The company has successfully received the following certificates and rankings:

  • All Products Of This Company are Without Preservatives.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 from Iran Competency Approval System in 2007,
  • The first producer company in Qom province successfully obtaining R&D license from Ministry of Mines and Industries in research and development sector,
  • Halal food certificate in 2012
  • ISO9001 in quality management system in 2013
  • HACCP in quality assurance, critical point analysis and control in 2013,
  • ISO2200 in safety management of foods in 2013

The Company was selected as distinguished production unit in 2003 in food and agricultural industries sector by Qom Province General Department for Standards and industrial Research

The distinguished industrial unit in 2001 chosen by Ministry of Mines and Industries

Our objective is to produce new products and promote the quality of our existing products by the support consumers.

Niki Mehr Company of Qom

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